Who are we?

From horse carts to reusable space rockets, the cave men have come quite the distance. The primal urge to go where no one has ever been, has for long pushed the boundaries of what was thought to be possible.

At AGHORI what fuels us is the dream to build India’s first muscle car. The 600+ BHP behemoth will be 3D printed to deliver a personalized experience over and above the adrenaline rush. 


Experienced Technology leader with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Project Management, Project Delivery, Test Strategy, Human Resource Planning, Agile Testing, LEAN processes and Quality Assurance.


Be it attempting the Guinness Books of World record at the age of 4 to participating in motorsports. Vehicle have always captured my attention and have been a source of inspiration for me.

And now I find myself working towards creating India’s first High Performance vehicle brand.

Why A.G.H.O.R.I?

Modern car manufacturing techniques have ushered an era of standardized designs, mass-produced to deliver economies of scale. In the process the individuality of owning a car has been lost.

Not any more though, meet FAMES: Flexible Additive Manufacturing and Engineering Systems. This is a revolutionary software-hardware solution designed to replace traditional vehicle manufacturing. A digital design input, no matter how complex, can easily be converted into a physical structure using FAMES. So instead of an assembly line geared to deliver uniformity, imagine a hyper-personalized car designed in your signature image.


Automotive Garage House of Research and Innovation (AGHORI) is a research based design and manufacturing firm. Our promise is to usher in the 3D printing revolution in automotive manufacturing and create a blue ocean in a highly competitive market space.



Proprietary 3D design technology to craft a muscle car, specifically for the Indian roads. State-of-the-art technology, currently being used in space vehicle production enables us to deliver on the design promise using additive manufacturing.


Provide the urban Indian with an option to craft a car in his/her signature image. Not just the colours and lights, but the material too! An experience to be part of an exclusive community/tribe that revels in speed and innovation.


At our core we are speed junkies, petrol heads, who just love the power that a car has to offer. Hence the choice of a muscle car RUDRA as our first design.


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